2016 [1st Prize] Arnold Apartment Building in Charmille, Geneva, Switzerland

2015 [2ème rang 1er prix] Archipelago Social housing, a hostel for athletes and artists, sports equipment, equipment for youth and parking - Vernier 115, in Geneva, Switzerland

2015 [3rd Prize] Tribune New High School and Fire Station extension in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

2014 [3ème rang 1ère mention] Ikebana Adret neighbourhood - lot B+C, in Lancy, Geneva, Switzerland

2013 [Finalist] Andale Mono! Apartment Building for La Ciguë in Geneva, Switzerland

2012 [2nd Prize] Stairway to Heaven Copet High School in Vevey, Switzerland

2012 [1st Prize] Ornella Apartment Building in Onex, Geneva, Switzerland

2010 [Honourable Mention] Acontecimientos Arquitectónicos International Essay competition.

2009 [Honourable Mention] Ideas competition for "El Molinillo" building restoration in Alcañiz.

2009 [Finalist] Premio Fundamentos. 1st Coam Architecture Magazine Competition. Architecture Tools. Photography category.

2009 [2nd Prize] Re-invent Cities International Competition.

2008 [Accesit] 2016 Madrid Olympics Candidate City design competition - Shooting Range. Organized by Fundación Madrid 2016. International Competition.

2008 [Finalist] 2G competition. Venice Lagoon Park.

2008 [Finalist] ACXT-IDOM First international award for architecture diploma.

2007 [Finalist] Pasajes-Iguzzini 2005-2007 Award. National competition (Spain)

2007 [Honourable Mention] Ecobarrios 2006 with “La Sagrera, Barcelona: urban procedures” project. Organized by CSCAE (Superior Council of Spain Architects’ Orders). Spain + Portugal competition.

2006 [First Prize] Idensitat 07 with “Después de las palabras” project. International competition.

2005 [Honourable Mention] 1st Advanced Architecture Contest: Self-sufficient Housing. Organized by IAAC (Catalonia Advanced architecture Institute). International competition.

2005 [First Prize] Dreams: ideas around the work space future, OFITEC 2006 Competition. Organized by Ofitec (International Trade Exhibition of Office Contract Furniture and Equipment) in collaboration with COAM (Madrid Architects’ Order). International competition.

2005 [Honourable Mention] Valencia Crea 2005 Competition with “Spyridaki experimental housing”. National competition (Spain)

2004 [First Prize] ex aequo 400000 Dwellings (La Sagrera). Organized by Quaderns in collaboration with COAC (Catalunya Architects’ Order). International competition.

2002 [First Prize] Zoom Neologisms for Chicago. Organized by E.T.S.A.M. and Department of Public Works. National Competition (Spain)